Anisotropy of the Diffraction Limit
Bayesian Estimation of Structure Amplitudes


This server uses the DEBYE and STARANISO software to perform an anisotropic cut-off of merged intensity data, to perform Bayesian estimation of structure amplitudes, and to apply an anisotropic correction to the data.  All the output files may then be downloaded by the user.

The results are also displayed by a WebGL application embedded in the web page.  The interactive 3-D display shows the reciprocal-lattice points coloured by the reflection redundancy (provided this information is available in the input data), the local mean I/σ(I) as a way of visualising the anisotropic cut-off surface, and by the anisotropic Debye-Waller factor in order to visualize the anisotropic correction factor.

In the event that for any reason the user cannot enable Javascript in the browser for the WebGL GUI, as an alternative OpenAstexViewer (OAV) or PyMOL can be run locally from the command line.  Scripts to simplify usage of OAV or PyMol are provided.  The downloaded output files are in the Tripos Mol2 file format, so in principle any molecular viewer that can display atoms in this format can be used.